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About Luca Monticelli

My name is Luca Monticelli and I’m the owner of Star2Com Public Relations agency ( and professor at ViGaMusAcademy at the Link Campus University of Rome. I am a "PR" since the early 2000s, I worked with large international agencies, and then the big step forward: I decided to open my own company.

Before doing PR I was editor-in-chief of "K PC Games" video game magazine published by RCS. Before that, I was editor-in-chief of "Italian Publishers Magazine", magazine of Foreground Editrice, dealing with the world of pre-press...
I have always loved technology and video games. For this reason I specialized in this area. During my “PR” carrier I managed both B2B and B2C customers, and saw the world of technology at 360°.

I have several hobbies, I like (or at least I try) to be always on the move, both with my body and with my mind: I love skiing, archery (that in recent years I have a little overlooked for lack of time although I am Regional Instructor of I level), and flying...

I managed, to my old age, to obtain the VDS flight certification (three-axis ultralight and motor glider), resulting in two-seater examination and radio telephony, and now I'm studying to get the license of American civil FAA pilot, that I would like to turn into EASA, and soon also VDS advanced... A long journey with a lot of study and passion (and many, many sacrifices), because there is nothing more beautiful than watching the world from another perspective, detaching your shadow from the earth... a dream I had since I was a child and that I managed to crown after my transfer from Milan to the Como Lake.

chi sono - luca monticelli

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