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Sending an email

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Press releases

How many of you have ever heard of Press Releases? I can already hear a background noise sending me to hell... ☺
Ok, but for those who do not know them (and I bet you are many) we can say, with reasonable certainty, that this is a tool to communicate something official (about someone or something, about a product or a company, etc.) to the Press.
Which is the objective of PR? Read more

Which is the objective of PR?

Often friends ask me with curiosity: "But… what’s your job exactly? I have not understood very well.”   My answer is always the same, even though I think that, despite they nod, they did not fully understand what I exactly do for a living.

Often they confuse my work with doing "advertising" (indeed you might say that "I do advertise" for my clients towards their target audience), but I do not do advertising the way you might think.
Everything has a price Read more

Everything has a price

We understood that the value of our image and our reputation IS PRICELESS. Excellent. Think that "P.R." deal exactly with your own image and reputation.  Curious, isn’t it? :-)  

Therefore I ask myself: why companies, when it comes to cut the budget, the first thing they take away is precisely the service offered by PR agencies?
Why this BLOG? Read more

Why this BLOG?

I created this blog (which will be a mix of blogs and videoblogs) because I'm ready to share my knowledge with all of you, sharing what I have learned to all those who will need to know and learn the secrets of success in the "communication" sector, and also because I constantly need to learn new things from the world around me and I do the same reading or hearing from those who know more than me... and thank to you I can learn new things.

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